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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in oakland. companies are threatening to bypass the port of oakland unless the city can figure out a way to keep protesters from shutting it down. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo in oakland. later this morning we could see a photo described as disgusting. a woman is accusing a warriors' player of sexual harassment and she says she has proof. good morning a look down at san francisco bay area could be plagued by poor air again our eighth spare the air freezing fog possible i'll show you where. i found a chance of rain, next week. good morning i'm frances dinglasan you should have a easy drive to work traffic light. i'll let you know if there are
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trouble spots. good wednesday morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for erik thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. several retailers threatening to stop doing business with the port if city officials can't prevent future occupy disruptions. new proposal give police broader powers did not get the green light at a heated city council meeting. amy hollyfield is live at the port of oakland. >> reporter: this comes down to the issue of money. the chronicle is reporting that target, wall against, jc penney and crate and barrel are threatening to take their business through the port of l.a. if the city can't control the protesters. those companies say 40% of their goods are coming through here at port of oakland. the port of oakland officials estimate last week's protests cost the port four million dollars. activists blocked terminals and truckers and longshoremen
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couldn't get to work. police stood by and let the crowd shutdown the port. now some councilmembers are questioning that tactic. pushing for a resolution that would require more police action to prevent another shutdown. last night the situation got confrontational. >> you are not giving this man the right of free speech. i -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: after a long night the city council did not vote on the issue. protester are making their stance clear on this. they think freedom of speech gives them the right to protest at the pore. they don't think it is good for -- at the port. they don't think it is good for police to move in saying some protesters would resist that could lead into confrontation with police could turn into a pepper spray, baton situation like we saw in downtown oakland and
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frank ogawa plaza. the city council decided to table the issue and did not take a vote. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. bay area sports star in the news this morning not for what he did on the course. monta ellis is being accused of sexual ha has. the accuser -- harassment. the accuser says she has pictures to prove her case? >> reporter: at least one picture. the woman was working for the wars jurors when she says star guard monday -- warriors when she says monta ellis began sexually harassing her. her attorney says it involves several late night texan one photo. >> she rejected his advances he made a false accusation again her with his work performance and after he sent
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her a graphic photo which i think it is pretty degrading and nobody should see something like that. >> reporter: the woman's attorney says the woman was fired after she complained to the warriors about what was going on. the warriors are also named in the lawsuit in part because she accuses the team of covering up for ellis. neither ellis nor the team have made any comments. the team says it cannot comment because it has not received any legal papers. the attorney for the accuser is holding a news conference this morning. that is when we will learn the i -- learn the identity of the accuser and see that photo. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:04. carjacker remains on the loose this morning after boldly escaping from police. milpitas police were chasing when the bmw he was diving spun out of control yesterday -- he was driving spupbl out of control
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yesterday morning. he ran into a nearby garage -- [ unintelligible ] >> how did he get past these cops all around us? once he came out of that house he shouldn't have got past the next street they should have had him. >> right. ly nobody was hurt. police say brown should be -- luckily nobody was hurt. california attorney general has filed lawsuits against two mortgage giants. attorney general harris has been investigating freddie mac and fannie mae's involvement into 12,000 properties in the state where the companies were acting as the landlords. asking the firms to respond to more than 50 subpoenas that demand the companies identify the homes they foreclosed on. freddie mac and fannie mae representatives say they don't comment on lawsuits.
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state controller chung say audits have identified huge amounts of waste, fraud and abuse. he has uncovered three billion dollars this government waste. his job is to audit state and local agencies to make sure money is being spent wisely and legally, especially during tough economic times. any funds deemed to have been wasted are charged back to the office or agency. >> we found problems going back a couple years. it is not three billion dollars that you could apply to the state budget, unfortunately. ultimately, it is a lot of money you are able to recover for the taxpayer. >> the er's office has two to three hundred audits underway -- it is currently auditing hercules. life and legacy of warren hellman will be honored today. the 77-year-old passed away from leukemia complications
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sunday. a private service is being held this afternoon. healthman founded the bluegrass festival in golden gate park today's service will be streamed live on the event's website at 1:00. a ceremony for the public is going to be held at golden gate park at eight later date. the transportation commission may approve two new contracts for what is turning out to be a controversial plan to move. the contracts will a for design services at the old postal building on main street in san francisco. despite much opposition the commission is moving forward with plans to move from its downtown oakland headquarters to that building in the city. the commission paid 93 million dollars for the new space. critics call the move expensive and unnecessary. money from the bridge tolls is helping to fund the move. i guess we heard the word rain not big, not lots, not
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soon. we still her the word rain. >> right. -- we still heard the word rain. >> right. >> you guys are fixated. we need it, but it is still about a week away. take baby steps to get there we have a spare the air throughout the day our eighth so far, three have verified, no burning of wood unless you want to get slapped with one of those $400 fines. clouds coming down the jet stream otherwise sunny with a little haze because of the pollution. poorest air quality up in the north bay valleys. temperatures up there are all below freezing. mid to upper 30s in most other areas oakland and san francisco, 41 and 45. by the afternoon, east bay valleys, i think tule fog is going to work into your neighborhoods the next couple of hours, 59 richmond and half moon bay low to mid 60s for rest of us.
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seven day forecast, still have freezing temperatures inland the next couple of nights with above average in the afternoon slight chance of rain tuesday, better chance wednesday. good morning. we've got roadwork as you make your way out of half moon bay heading towards san mateo eastbound 92 connector ramp to northbound 280 scheduled to be closed until 7:00. there's an easy detour in place that will get you right back on. speeds looking good, 70 miles an hour, 60, also looking that way across the san mateo bridge westbound traffic fine past the toll plaza heading towards foster city and san mateo. check out the golden gate bridge four lanes south, it is clear as a bell, i guess. 5:09. protecting passengers from pilots. new rules meant to help airline tragedies caused by exhausted captains.
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why apple's hugely popular ipad may be harder to find. the delivery that has gone viral. this just might be the worst fedex delivery ever caught on camera. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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mmm... pillsbury crescent wrapped brie just unroll, wrap the brie and bake. it's so easy. now this might even impress aunt martha. pillsbury crescent wrapped brie. holiday ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. new banking rules the fed
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wants the largest banks to hold on to extra cash intended as insurance against future financial meltdowns. fewer people will be flying during the holidays that doesn't mean planes will be less crowded with the 1% decline from last year, two million will be flying each day from now through the first week of january. starting next month some of the stories you see in facebook news feeds will be ads you won't be able to avoid them but facebook promises you won't get more than one a day. julian leitner hopes to collect two million from each of one million donors will be asked to vote for their favorite charity and the one that wins gets all two million dollars that is america's money i'm rob nelson. 5:13. a 7-year-old boy has died from injuries he suffered when he fell off a ski lift near take tahoe sunday morning at the sugar bowl ski resort he fell
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50 feet on to a mix of dirt and snow he was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his skull. the unidentified youngster was a member of the sugar bell ski team. state regulators are investigating. this morning federal aviation officials will release new rules aimed at preventing pilots from flying after dangerously fatigued. in february 2009 the crash in buffalo new york killed 50 people. it will limit the number of hours pilots can fly and set the minimum for rest time between flights. fatigue can slow a pilot's reelections and erode judgment like alcohol ask japan has a new cleanup plan for the nuclear plant hit by last march's earthquake and tsunami. the fukushima daiichi plant went into meltdown and leaked massive amounts of radiation
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100,000 were forced to evacuate. removing melted fuel rods and cleaning up the damage will take up to 40 years. questions about the supply of apple ipads after an explosion at a factory in china that produces them. the blast happened over the weekend at a factory in shanghai own 61 people were injured -- forbes magazine says this could produce shortages of ipad 2. the chinese government and apple are trying to determine the cause of that blast. southern california fedex deliveryman is probably sorry the internet ever caught on. why? a camera shows him hurling a package containing a computer monitor over a fence. handle with care. the homeowner uploaded the video to youtube where it has gone viral. >> it was on time. >> fedex is letting its internal wheels of justice decide the fate. the monitor was in fact shattered.
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he said he was home and all the fed direction -- all the fedex guy had to do was ring the bell. there's a report out this morning that people are more likely to lie via text compared to face-to-face communications. researchers say texting lends to lying because those receiving the message can't notice visual cues. all of those associates with lying. that report is coming out next year. doing a great job this morning terry. >> i saw your hands moving nervously and your eyes darting. >> they are darting because they are looking for rain. what are we seeing mike? >> my eyes are sore from doing that for months. you have to wait until next week. things can change there's a small system headed our way, it is well, well into the future. let's talk about what is going
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on this morning. good morning. 5:16. you saw that clear picture from sutro tower on the financial district. temperatures just updated we have 29 napa, 27 in novato good thing with that thick fog in fairfield the temperature is now 33° instead of a freezing 32 like we have in concord and livermore. look at the mid 30s mid to upper 30s bay shore to the coast into the south bay 42 oakland, 45 san francisco, monterey bay inland mid to upper 30s gilroy 28°. let's talk about hazy sun this afternoon and poor air quality our eighth spare the air winter spare the air day. winter solstice 9:30 this evening a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. south bay today low 60s, 61, 62 or like the 60 in milpitas. low 60s peninsula millbrae 59 upper 50s along the coast into
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south san francisco downtown 60 through the north bay valleys, low to mid 60s everywhere from sausalito rounding stinson to bodega bay mid to upper 50s. low 60s for the east bay shore. tule fog will have affect on the east bay valleys highway 4 from brentwood to concord, 59 walnut creek 60s more sun around danville, dublin, san ramon and pleasanton. carmel 58, low to mid 60s the rest of monterey bay. tonight 20s livermore, fairfield, napa, clear lake, cloverdale, everybody else mid to upper 30s san francisco 43°. let's see if anything has changed. no. strong blocking ridge still there, still keeping the storms away from us. you thought it was dry, san francisco for an example, the two driest san francisco
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since records have been kept in 1849, 1876 and 1989 no measurable rain which are close, 12/100 so far this year we are supposed to get a couple of inches in december. december one of our wetter months. freezing nights continue with warmer than average afternoons through -- warmer than average afternoons. it is quiet out there the slowest problem i could find is an ace train delay only two minutes late now. yesterday there were some big ones. live shot of bay bridge toll, easy into san francisco and check out this live shot as well, showing you the westbound drive on the bay bridge as well as construction of the new east span you may have caught amy hollyfield's report the other day, cable installation is taking place now they don't want you to look while driving look at this nice shot while you are home it does look christmasy
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out there south bay 280 and 17 interchange, no problems, no accidents, no slowing. if that changes you can check out our website any time, one more shot, 101 san rafael. go to so quiet out there, maybe send me a tweet. francesabc7. >> you don't tweet yourself sometimes you forget. a group of oakland high students made their voices heard. it won the hearts of thousands across the country. san francisco leaders unveil what they are calling the greenest block in america. we'll tell you what makes it so special. ep, all $2 million. and that is "america's money." i'm rob nelson. isisisisisisisiss
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 5:23 on a wednesday morning. near the embarcadero, bay bridge top of the ferry building, crystal clear morning. chilly, but crystal clear. mike with the forecast. frances with traffic in just a couple minutes. a street in san francisco's bay view district is the greenest residential block in the city. mayor lee cut the ribbon to officially commemorate the model yesterday. the 1.7 million dollar project features safety and green features among them, more trees and plantar boxes new storm drains and raised crosswalks to promote
5:24 am
pedestrian safe. >> if santa has a choice for which street he's going to visit first, i think he's going to come to newcom avenue first. >> this is the latest of 16 the city is planning, eight have already been completed. four schools in the mission district will benefit from a half million dollar federal grant. the funds come from the government's promise neighborhoods program which help as dress the needs of the students and community -- helps address the needs of the students and community. san francisco is expect get 24 millions to implement -- the grant would help create better health clinics. >> the idea is to have services be fully integrated, fully coordinated with the schools, not only for students also for the parents. >> san francisco is one of 20 cities in the country to receive the grant this year. don't stop believing.
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oakland high school's glee club is proof of that it just won a $25,000 prize through a video contest. members submitted a video shows the school's music room used as storm space. the campaign inspired by the tv series glee award the price to 13 schools nationwide chosen through online voting. there's almost 500 applicants so that's pretty darn good. >> and don't stop believing. power outage in candlestick park is raising questions about what pg&e knows about work on its system. how a lack of word -- a lack of records is causing -- >> reporter: oakland city council meeting fell apart over the issue of what to do about protests at the port. up next, you will see some of the confrontational meeting.
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think twice before you light up your fireplace today. if you are leaving us today let's see what the temperatures will be where you are going. 44 chicago, 62 phoenix mid to upper 30s salt lake and denver. we have delays developing in philadelphia and chicago's o'hare. those are arrival delays. if you are connecting through those areas use our flight tracker more delays are going to develop along the east coast bottom of get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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and video chat with up to 9 of your friends with the galaxy nexus by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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(greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, visit, call, or go to >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in oakland where the city council is stuck between issues of freedom of speech and money. the issue caused some arguing at last night's meeting. >> a former employee of the golden state warriors will file a lawsuit this morning against the team and one of its top stars for sexual harassment. pg&e admits it doesn't have records of the work done on a power line suspected of causing a blackout monday night. good morning live look from emeryville calm around the bay area fog forming below freezing temperatures and i found a chance of rain i'll
5:30 am
tell you when. i'm frances dinglasan, traffic light with this live shot of the golden gate bridge. details coming up. 5:30. thanks for jing us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas this morning. a wild meeting over how tough the city should get with occupy protesters some companies threatening to pull out of the port of oakland if locals can control the situation. amy hollyfield joins us live from the port with the story of the raucous debate, a lot on the line. >> reporter: tough meeting, tough issue, think about the money part. san francisco chronicle is reporting big companies like crate & barrel and target are threatening to take all of their goods through the port of l.a. if the city of oakland can't control its occupy protesters. the port of oakland and officials estimate last week's protest cost the port four
5:31 am
million dollars. activists blocked terminals so truckers and longshoremen couldn't get to work. police stood by and let the crowd shutdown the port. now some councilmembers are questioning that tactic and pushing for a resolution that would require more aggressive police action to prevent another shutdown. last night they discussed the issue and it got quite confrontational. >> excuse me! you know for people who advocate the right to free speech, you are certainly not giving this man the right of free speech. i wasn't going to support this resolution but you guys have just given me -- just told me where i need to be at. omar, go ahead. >> reporter: protesters had a loud presence last night, made their stance clear. they think freedom of speech gives them the right to protest at the port. they don't want to see police
5:32 am
move in because the protesters who resist fear will be pepper sprayed or hit with batons and it will be too confrontational. i was a long night. the city council decided not to -- it was a long night. the city council decided not to take a vote. the port is anxious for the city to do something. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning oakland mayor quan is expected to name an independent investigator to examine whether police went too far in recent clashes with oakland occupiers as city leaders offer conflicting answers on the cost. quan tossed out an estimated figure of five million dollars during a panel discussion at the commonwealth club last week. a report released by the budget director yesterday puts the total closer to 2.4 million less than half of quan's figure. quan's spokeswoman claims the mayor's estimate was based on
5:33 am
quick calculations and could change based on how much will be paid by the city's insurance, police overtime makes up much of the cost. a former employee of the golden state warriors will file a suit against the team and guard monta ellis for sexual harassment. the lawyer says his client was harassed from 2010 to january of this year. he says a photo was sent by ellis from his cell phone after she refused ellis' advances. >> after it came to light the warriors in our opinion, did not do a thorough investigation, if they did anything. then, when she refused to quit and take a bribe, she was -- had her duties removed. >> the team issued a statement saying it can comment because they haven't seen the legal papers yet.
5:34 am
ellis has so far no comment. the attorney says he plans to show the picture at a press conference this morning. this morning the 49ers say neither pg&e nor the city of san francisco can guarantee there won't be a repeat power failure next month whenóewfe the team hosts a playoff game. as you know there were two blackouts, one before kickoff and another during the second quarter of monday night's the san francisco public utilities commission says repair work was done by pg&e on one of the 12,000 volt powerlines. pg&e officials couldn't tell regulators when it had been done because the utility says it isn't record to keep those records. >> it doesn't appear there were any electrical faults on our end. we are continuing to work with the city. >> officials say the first outage was caused bay a supplies failure on an overhead line near the stadium they are trying to figure pout if the first blackout caused a surge that led to the second.
5:35 am
four thousand nurses set to hold a one day strike tomorrow over failed contract negotiations. nine bay area hospitals are affected more than half the nurses work in berkeley and oakland. hundreds of replacements have been hired, hospital management pledges to lock-out nurses who strike. nurses were locked out five days in september after a similar strike. one patient died after being treated by a replacement nurse during that walk-out. san jose police approved a deal that tends a 10% pay cut through the next fiscal year. the police officers association says the deal passed by 441-317. the city asked the officers to take a pay cut to avoid lay-offs. both sides continue to negotiate a revived pension package. the bay area is waking to another winter spare the air day. today will be the 8th alert
5:36 am
issued by air quality officials. no burning of wood or fire logs in the fireplace. the bay area air quality management district says it has received 1400 calls from people complaining of illegal woodburning in the past six weeks. 200 are potential vials, possible fines up to $400. $400 is the first time i think it is $100 and works its way up. it seems like there's a correlation between the high number of spare the air days and the lack of rain this season. >> which brings us to mike knee coach >> stagnant air pattern has led the bill up of the pollution. -- to the build up of the pollution. north bay where we think -- the poorest air quality will be vallejo has the poorest
5:37 am
air quality. fairfield less than a quarter mile visibility now temperature around the freezing mark freezing fog there novato two miles visibility your temperature 27° if that fog gets thicker you are going to have black ice in your neighborhoods. low 30s inland valleys mid to upper 30s bay shore, south bay coast low to mid 40s oakland and san francisco temperatures won't change much around 8:00 what may change is more to go tolg leaking into the east bay valleys -- more tule fog leaking into the east bay valleys. the rest of us are dealing with sunshine and low to mid 50s. as we look into the afternoon mainly mid to upper 50s east bay valleys could be in the low to mid five because of the fog slowing the warming of the sunshine. more of the same through monday chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week. santa is coming! he's going to be on the cal train station today in
5:38 am
mountain view 9:00 leaving that station and they will be in san francisco by 10:00 this morning northbound train number 233. i'm hearing that santa will be ready for photos and any last minute gift requests for letters. roadwork still going on out of half moon bay eastbound 92 to northbound 280 shutdown until 7:00. detour currently in place until then. santa is always open for business. >> always. 5:38 is our time. you might want to keep your likes to yourself when it comes to facebook. the legal battle over what the social networking giant can do with your
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge traffic light with a lot of folks out of school and some taking off from work. terry is focused on something is it a lack of rain you are looking at? >> they seem to be moving so slowly. >> it could be the perspective, yeah. facebook users are learning that if they like
5:42 am
something it could lead to what appears to many as a product ment. a lawsuit has been filed -- against facebook. they tried to get the case dismissed but failed. the suit is over what space book calls sponsored stories. >> if you indicate you like a company or product, your name and profile photo may show up on our friend's pagings giving the appearance of an endorsement. >> the question is whether facebook has consent from users. the lawsuit argues it hasn't. until we resolve that we won't know if facebook is in the clear. >> might know soon the case is scheduled to go to trial next year. facebook did not respond to our request for an interview or comment. experts say it is possible facebook may seek a settlement. the lawsuit could complicate its plan for its public stock offering. severely wounded soldier
5:43 am
received a medal. lisa amin gull has the story from the va hospital in palo alto. -- >> reporter: i was a bittersweet moment for sergeant brian jergens. he lost a lot to gain this purple -- heart both legs and finger amputated, spleen removed and severe brain damage after a roadside explosion. >> it is an honor at the same time you don't want. >> reporter: sgt. stehman got his own purple heart because of what happened that august day. >> i was in the truck with him. >> reporter: sergeant jergens was barely conscious. he was quickly transfered to palo alto veterans hospital, specialized unit for severe traumatic brain injuries. jergens wife is with him daily. >> it has been hard, not going to say it is easy. i see people that have it much worse than we do. >> reporter: this unit treats 80 to 90 active soldiers every
5:44 am
year. s did say the types of injuries jergens suffered are unfortunately, -- common in this war. >> they have terrible injuries to their lower extremities horrible orthopedic injuries or traumatic amputations. >> reporter: while progress is slow this medical is -- this medal is lifting the spirits of a man. his wife tells me she expects her husband will be discharged from this hospital in a month or so after that to a full time care facility in california or colorado. in palo alto, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. wendy's may be about to dethrone burger king. the government asks pre just science journal to sensor an article why they say it could be used a -- used as a guide to create a bioterror
5:45 am
weapon. >> line in the sand republicans and democrats are drawing. giving gone viral. how a bay area man ignited the largest secret santa gift exchange. ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ñ]ññ
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
time for your california forecast. low to mid 60s big sur, san diego, los angeles near 70 in palm springs. tule fog will hold sacramento and fresno the mid to upper 50s. here's terry with more news. there's a showdown brewing between the u.s. government and a prestigious scientific journal over a bird flu study. national security officials are concerned research about to be published in the journal of science could be used to make a biological weapon. the study details how scientist created a deadly version of avian flu in the lab as part of research into how the virus could mutate in the open. government officials say the report should not be published with data and details scientists are evaluating on how to spoken to the government's request. republicans and democrats at a standstill over extension of the payroll tax cut. house republicans rejected a
5:49 am
senate passed build that would extend the cuts for two puns. gop leaders demanding legislation on a compromised legislation. -- harry reid says that is not going to happen unless the house passes the temporary extension. republicans want a year extension. that cut will expire december 31st, unless a compromise is reached. online game createdded by an alameda man could be the large -- largest secret santa exchange in the world. the game is on the social news website read it, sign on go to the thread secret santa list your profile and you are matched up with someone. the creator claims there are 40,000 participants around the world. >> people the most amazing gifts. laptops, four day cruise to the bahamas, poor college sue got a couple thousand in cash. then lot -- student got a couple thousand in cash. then gifts that don't cost money which are just as well
5:50 am
appreciated. >> others have received remote controlled helicopters and books celebrities like jimmy fallon and pee-wee herman are players. >> if you don't have the money it doesn't have to be a gift you can do something nice, a little thing for someone you don't know. >> it is too late to sign up whatever you were thinking. >> do something nice for us, bring us a little rain. however little it might be. >> i can forecast it, but we can try. we are looking for rain the big story in next week's forecast until we get to that we are stuck in the same pattern and that is stagnant air, spare the air, frosty nights, warmer than average afternoons. and a nice, beautiful shot like this from vollmer take looking at emeryville, bay bridge back to san francisco. still in the 20s in napa and novato, 31 santa rosa, freezing concord and livermore. close in antioch and fairfield
5:51 am
at 33. mid to upper 30s everywhere else except for oakland and san francisco in the low to mid 40s monterey bay inland mid to upper 30s gilroy 28°. one of the cooler spots. hazy sun that's what the air pollution will give us during the afternoon because it is a spare the air day our eighth. winter solstice 9:30 tonight. we'll get winter rain tuesday and wednesday the back half of this forecast. the poorest air quality most likely in the north bay today all of us under the spare the air no woodburning until at least midnight. in the south bay this afternoon low 60s for you most of the peninsula in the low 60s millbrae 59 upper 50s along the coast into south san francisco downtown we may make it to 60 today mid to upper 50s to sausalito, low to mid 60s through the north bay valleys some of the warmest
5:52 am
weather there. hercules, richmond 59 low 60s east bay shore oakland 62, tule fog hanging around highway 4 corridor towards walnut creek and fairfield a little may sneak into livermore you in the mid to upper 50s. carmel 59, low to mid 60s around the monterey bay and inland. tonight it could be colder than this morning 28 livermore and fairfield, mid to upper 20s in the north bay valleys, a few low 30s around concord and antioch otherwise mid to upper 30s bay shore into the suit bay. warm spot in san francisco -- three areas of high pressure dominating the throw jet stream well north as long as the strong blocking ridge hangs around we are going to be stuck as the third driest december ever in san francisco. the only two that were drier didn't have rain in 1989 and
5:53 am
1876 nearly 150 years of records. freezing nights, warmer than average afternoons through at day cooler over the weekend chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. looks great on the roads this morning. very light on freeways as you make your way into work. live shot 680 walnut creek no major problems. through the south bay easy commute through san jose, northbound traffic moves well out of morgan hill up into san francisco and 880 looks great there in both directions. a look at 101 in san rafael actually some more cars on the road heading southbound you are still moving at or above the speed limit now out of novato and westbound 80 the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze, 18 minutes. you can get more drive times by going to
5:54 am
traffic. 5:53 right now. your favorite retailer may be offering free return shipping. hackers in china getting bolder. >> here's ellen with the bloomberg business report. good morning. one of the boldest hacker attacks from china ever. this time they breached the computer system at the chamber of commerce gaining information about millions of members last year. the hackers may have been after e-mails of chamber employees who work on asia policy. now that folks have gotten used to free shipping for online shopping retailers are searching, sak's, neiman marcus offering free return shipping. "wall street journal" says wendy's is about to unseat burger king as second biggest chain. mcdonald's still occupying that top spot.
5:55 am
at the new york stock exchange, i'm ellen brightman with the bloomberg business report. san francisco police looking for the person who broke into a fedex truck parked outside the stone galleria the driver left the vehicle unattended in a ledding dock yesterday, the -- loading dock yesterday. loaded with apple products. in san rafael smart train supporters plan a rally at noon today they say the rail system will create hundreds of good jobs in the north bay. yesterday the rail transit sold 191 million dollars in bonds to help pay for the 360 million dollar long proposed project. it will fund the building of the rail lines between santa rosa and san rafael as well as trains, stations and crossings the 39 mile project is slated to be completed by 2016. the bay area's universal transit payment card has hit a milestone. the childrener card has more than one million -- the
5:56 am
clipper card has more than one million customers reached last week clipper card use has grown 30% in the last six months, 142% in the last year after overcoming early technical problems. the card is now used on muni, bart, golden gate transit, ac, cal train and sam trans. nasa says it has discovered two new planets found orbiting around a star like our sun. you can see -- both were discovered by the kepler telescope these new planets cannot support life one has a surface temperature of 1400 degrees. a little uncomfortable. hot enough to melt glass. >> not life as we know it. >> right. just ahead, it was supposed to be a spirited debate. it turned into a shouting
5:57 am
match >> i am asking you to be respectful. >> why the oakland city council didn't vote on a resolution calling for police to use more aggressive tactics in future port protests. . >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in oakland. the season could be off to a rough far for a star of the warriors. a woman accuse the player of sexual harassment. she says she has proof. ee?ñ ú ú
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